Natural Fragrances in New Packaging
4/9/2024 New Creations Machinery Change Innovative Processes Interview

Natural Fragrances in New Packaging

Julia Schliefsteiner and her partner Markus Niederfriniger run the Looops manufactory in Elixhausen near Salzburg, Austria, producing scented candles, essential oils, and diffuser sticks from natural raw materials. The company was rebranded in 2023, with packaging being a key component.

Woman packing a small cardboard box. The Finnish company Metsä Board produces the packaging for Looops. The cooperation began at FACHPACK.

Ms. Schliefsteiner, your company Looops produces natural fragrance products such as scented candles, scented sprays, diffusers, and essential oils. Last year, the company underwent a rebranding, which also included the packaging. What were the reasons for this?

Our rebranding was a natural evolution of our brand. We produce by hand in our own factory and attach great importance to the highest quality, naturalness, and sustainability. Packaging is a very important element to us, as it is the customer’s first contact with our products. The cartons should, therefore, already convey the high quality and naturalness – without being a brown recycled carton.

A woman and a man standing in an empty room.

At FACHPACK 2022, you agreed on a cooperation with the Finnish producer of packaging materials Metsä Board. How did this come about?

We wanted to get an overview of packaging at the trade fair in Nuremberg and gather information. That’s when we came across Metsä Board. They had very nice packaging samples on display there, which we liked very much in terms of their look, feel, and finishing options. We immediately picked up various paper samples and then looked into the company in more detail. Metsä Karton fits perfectly into our concept and the company fulfills all our values. In addition to the uncoated, natural feel on both sides, a major advantage is the stiffness of the carton board, which enables us to protect our products perfectly.

Did you find any other partners at FACHPACK?

We were also able to deal with other areas of our business and have discussions concerning them. Among other things, we were looking for solutions for labels at the time. We made initial contacts there, which ultimately led to a decision.

Metsä Board and you attach great importance to sustainability. Did this also play a role in your choice?

Absolutely. Sustainability is an absolutely crucial criterion for us. It is essential for us in the production of paper and board, and Metsä meets all our expectations. This also includes reforestation, for example, where the entire Metsä Group is very active. All aspects of Metsä’s sustainable corporate policy convinced us.

How does the packaging production process work?

Metsä Board supplies the carton board to our print shop, which then produces the packaging for us. The packaging is tailored to our various products as required and finished accordingly. Thanks to the high stability of Metsä Board, we can dispense with further stabilizing corrugated cardboard inserts – except for our scented candles. The packaging for our scented candle refill packs is also very special. We pour them into cups made from sugar cane waste, which are completely biodegradable.

How does production work in your manufactory?

In addition to the product packaging, we have also had our own candle jars made since the rebranding. We have given them shape and color, which is why the jars now also bear our trademark on the bottom. We source other raw materials such as pure natural essential oils and vegetable waxes from selected suppliers. We then mix the various purely natural fragrances according to our own recipes in our in-house manufactory. We then use these to refine our wax and pour our natural scented candles. Or we use them to produce our natural fragrance sprays, fragrance sticks, and pure essential oils. From the idea to production to shipping to partner stores and customers, we carry out all the steps – mostly by hand – directly in our manufactory in Elixhausen near Salzburg.

Are you planning to visit FACHPACK again this year?

Yes, we will certainly be attending FACHPACK again. Simply to keep up to date with what’s new in the industry and also to make new supplier contacts for further developments.

Looops is a manufacturer of fragrance creations based in Elixhausen near Salzburg. The young company was founded in 2014 by Julia Schliefsteiner and Markus Niederfriniger. The production of the all-natural scented candles, scented sprays and essential oil blends made from 100% natural ingredients is carried out exclusively by hand. The team at the manufactory comprises a total of eight people and the number of business partners in the DACH region is around 300, including concept stores and hotels. Last year, Schliefsteiner and Niederfriniger decided to rebrand. The scented candles can now be refilled and the refills are stored in compostable bagasse cups made from sugar cane.