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Showcase your company and your innovations at the European trade fair for packaging, technology and processing.
Registration for FACHPACK 2024 is possible now. We look forward to welcoming you as an exhibitor at FACHPACK.

The packaging industry meets in Nuremberg from 24 - 26 September 2024

We create the future

FACHPACK is one of the main events in Europe for companies that produce and use packaging. It has been held in Nuremberg for over 40 years. The packaging exhibition provides a compact but comprehensive insight into all relevant topics from the packaging industry.

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Registration for FACHPACK 2024 is now possible. We look forward to welcoming you as an exhibitor at FACHPACK. 

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Download the iPDF for FACHPACK 2024 and get all important information

Good reasons for participating as exhibitor at FACHPACK  

At FACHPACK, solution-oriented future thinkers meet to exhibit their creative packaging and latest technologies at a European trade fair. At which people get to grips with things the right way. At which a lively exchange of ideas takes place between all participants. And where contacts really become customers.

Convince yourself of the excellent exhibition key figures of FACHPACK 2022:

  • 30,705 visitors, 32 % thereof international
  • 1,153 exhibitors from 42 countries
  • 83.800 m² exhibition space
  • 93% of the exhibitors were satisfied with the overall success of their participation and 95 % were able to make new business connections.
Five reasons for

FACHPACK is the European trade fair for packaging, technology and processes  

We are the industry meeting point in Europe and create a compact, profitable trade fair experience together with you.

Meet the right visitors  

The most important packaging industries are all represented at FACHPACK. In 2022, 95% of exhibitors made new business connections and 93% were very happy with the quality of the visitors.

FACHPACK ist the platform for Innovations  

We offer you the opportunity to tackle your packaging issues, share knowledge and create packaging concepts of the future together.

Guide for the packaging industry 

We lead the way for trends in the packaging industry and provide an informative accompanying programme. We also support a lively exchange among experts and newcomers in regards to our key theme TRANSITION IN PACKAGING.

We provide diversity 

Packaging and packaging machinery are at the very core of the fair – in connection with corresponding processes regarding automation, labelling, packaging prints, finishing, and intralogistics.

Discuss product packaging, labelling technology and packaging machinery 

Over the three days of the event, exhibitors and visitors from the packaging industry will meet and discuss pioneering packaging concepts, the latest trends and packaging solutions of the future. Visitors from all packaging-intensive industries inform themselves along the entire packaging process. The exhibitiors' huge range of products on show includes everything from packing from all relevant materials for consumer and industrial goods, packaging machines and package labelling to package finishing.

  • Packaging materials and supplies
    • Packaging materials and supplies made of paper, carton and cardboard 
    • Packaging materials and supplies made of flexible plastic 
    • Packaging materials and supplies made of moulded plastic 
    • Packaging materials and supplies made of metal 
    • Packaging materials and supplies made of glass and ceramic 
    • Packaging materials and supplies made of wood 
    • Packaging materials and supplies made of textiles and fibre 
    • Packaging materials and supplies with special characteristics
  • Packaging auxillaries 
    • Labels, identification means and accessories 
    • Closures and handles 
    • Sealing auxillaries 
    • Storage aids and securing means 
  • Filling and packaging machinery 
    • Filling, dosing, weighing und loading systems 
    • Machinery for paper packaging like pouches, sacks, bags 
    • Machinery for cardboard and corrugated cardboard packaging like cartons, folding boxes, trays 
    • Machinery for flexible plastic packaging like foils, pouches, sacks 
    • Machines for moulded plastic packaging like cups, blister, trays 
    • Machines for metal packaging like cans, tubes, canisters 
    • Machines for glass and ceramic packaging like ampoules, jars, bottles 
  • Labelling, marking and identification technology 
    • Labelling machines, labelers 
    • Marking equipment 
    • Identification systems 
  • Peripheral packaging machinery and equipment 
    • Inspection machines, monitoring and testing equipment 
    • Mechanical, electrical and pneumatic components 
    • Additional machinery and equipment 
    • Packaging recycling machinery and equipment 
  • Packaging printing and finishing 
    • Pre-press 
    • Machinery, accessories and processes in packaging printing 
    • Machinery, accessories and processes in packaging finishing 
  • Palletising technology
    • Palletisers 
    • Pallet securing machinery 
  • Intralogistics
    • Storage systems 
    • Conveying systems 
    • Order-picking and sorting systems 
    • Software and IT systems 
  • Services for the packaging industry 
    • Consulting 
    • Packaging development 
    • Outsourcing 
    • Services 
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