The Right Packaging with Just a Few Clicks
7/19/2023 Retail Brands Industry Look into Europe Article

The Right Packaging with Just a Few Clicks

The search for the right packaging often costs companies a lot of time and money. An end to this is promised by the start-up Manyfolds with its concept for customized and individualized packaging solutions.

The startup Manyfolds has developed a new digital platform for easy and consistent access for any packaging requirement. The startup Manyfolds has developed a new digital platform for easy and consistent access for any packaging requirement.

Time and again, companies, consistently in virtually all industries, are faced with the question of cost-effective shipping of products in terms of packaging material and environmental footprint. In response, start-up Manyfolds has developed a new digital platform for easy and consistent access for any packaging requirement. According to CEO and company founder Frank Thomsen, the new software and soon-to-follow hardware are all about customized, size-optimized shipping packaging.

With the help of the newly developed software, Manyfolds aims to enable users to design their own packaging customized to their wishes and requirements. Users can enter the product size into the system via a digital form, and it is also possible to scan or photograph the product. During the next step, there is an option to automatically create or customize the packaging for small batches. The shipping boxes are then produced by a Manyfolds partner company with the appropriate die-cuts, and delivery takes place within six to ten days.

Consumption Is Calculated According to Product Dimensions

“The material for the packaging comes as part of a subscription from Manyfolds. Consumption is calculated according to the packaging components that can actually be used, clients are not changes for waste material. Billing is done per square meter,” Thomsen explains the system. If new material is needed, it is automatically dispatched by Manyfolds.

For the two founders, sustainability issues were also a key factor in the development and construction of the software. The aim, they say, is to reduce the amount of packaged air by using size-optimized packaging. “We use FSC-certified corrugated cardboard with a high ratio of recycled content. The customer can dispose of the cardboard directlthemselves.” The precisely sized packaging not only reduces the amount of waste, but also eliminates the need for filler material, he says. “Hardly any excess air is transported in the packages, so CO₂ consumption drops considerably,” Thomsen points out.

Next year, Manyfolds will be coming to market with its own MF1 machine, which it says will allow customers to produce the packages they want themselves. The machine is the size of a copier, data is entered via a display, and then the corrugated board is cut and creased by the machine. “Boxes up to the size of a small moving box are possible. The packaging length can be up to two meters. A thin, long package is no problem,” Thomsen explains. The test phase, which is currently underway, will be followed by the development of series production, with delivery scheduled for the second quarter of 2024, he says. “Machine pre-orders are just getting underway.”

With the new system, Manyfolds is targeting industrial SMEs and small businesses. SMEs play an essential role, and there is a great need for a corresponding solution here, he says. For example, different parts could be transported in one packaging, and often it is not possible to plan the required material for small parts well in advance. Currently, the number of customers is in the higher double digits, he says, and there are numerous inquiries. “Many companies need custom-fit digital cutting for their products.” The technology is also used in e-commerce. Here, it's mostly about fragile freight, bottles or high-value products, he says. “Companies can also continue to use their standard outer packaging, with Manyfolds it is possible to produce inlays only.”