DS Smith Focuses on New Sustainable Alternatives
8/17/2023 New Creations Machinery Change Innovative Processes Article

DS Smith Focuses on New Sustainable Alternatives

Packaging manufacturer DS Smith has expanded the goals of its group-wide sustainability strategy “Now. And in the Future.” The focus is on accelerating the transition to a CO₂-reduced circular economy. FACHPACK360° asked the company about its top three trends.

DS Smith’s fiber-based beverage bundle “Eco Carrier” is an alternative to shrink films for the  transport packaging of bottles. DS Smith’s fiber-based beverage bundle “Eco Carrier” is an alternative to shrink films for the transport packaging of bottles.

DS Smith is one of the world’s leading suppliers of fiber-based packaging and displays made of corrugated board. With a corporate purpose of “redefining packaging for a changing world” and its sustainability strategy of “Now. And in the Future.” DS Smith has set itself the goal of leading the transition to a circular economy. This means the company is delivering circular solutions, replacing plastics of concern, driving CO2 emissions reductions in supply chains and offering innovative recycling solutions. As a strategic partner of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, DS Smith, headquartered in London and with more than 30,000 employees worldwide, also focuses on sustainable production. But which trends are currently decisive? FACHPACK360° has asked DS Smith.

The top 3 trends are:

1. Recyclable Surface Finishing for Corrugated Board

DS Smith offers “CorruBoost”, a corrugated board coating for various applications in the industry. “CorruBoost” is an alternative to PE-coated corrugated board, for example. The surface finish is recyclable, protects against scratches and dust, is water-resistant, and can also be applied individually to prevent slipping.

“CorruBoost” is applied to the surface of the corrugated board during the conventional manufacturing and converting process. The coating can be applied to the full surface, but also partially, depending on the subsequent intended use. In addition, the corrugated board can be finished on one side or on both sides. Conventional surface finishes with comparable properties usually consist of multi-layer materials. In direct comparison to products with similar properties, such as PET-coated liners, DS Smith's solution saves disposal costs and creates a smaller carbon footprint.

The scratch and scuff protections are particularly suitable for packaging in direct contact with high-value finished or painted metal parts, delicate products made of glass, or sensitive automotive components. The water and moisture barrier enables additional application possibilities for various industrial sectors. These include the automotive supply industry, medical technology, and the pharmaceutical industry.

2. A Sustainable Alternative to Shrink Films 

Consumers and retailers increasingly want bottle transport packaging that is plastic-free but still easy to transport. The “Eco Carrier” solution generates a product bundle with the help of a fiber-based sleeve and is thus an alternative to shrink films for bottle transport packaging. “Eco Carrier” packaging is easy to open, 100 percent recyclable, and custom printable, which is another advantage over traditional transparent shrink films.

3. MAP-Ready Packaging With Less Plastic 

“ECO Bowl” is a new, more sustainable alternative to plastic trays for frozen, chilled, and shelf-stable foods packaged under a modified protective atmosphere, according to DS Smith. The fully recyclable corrugated tray features a plastic skin and top film. The lightweight and stable structure of the tray thus allows the amount of plastic to be kept to a minimum, and the materials can be easily separated for recycling.

“Due to the excellent barrier properties of the film, we can guarantee the same shelf life or even improve it compared to conventional MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) packaging for fresh food," it says.