"Relying on Partners in Germany and the Region"
3/31/2023 Industry Insights Article

"Relying on Partners in Germany and the Region"

Packaging machine manufacturer Schubert has helped drive automation in the industry. Taking new paths while remaining independent has been the strength of the family-owned company from Crailsheim right from the start.

Ralf Schubert is Managing Director and Shareholder at Schubert. Ralf Schubert is Managing Director and Shareholder at Schubert.

As a pioneer of robot technology in the packaging industry, the Schubert company built the world’'s first packaging robot back in 1981. To this day, Schubert uses only its own robots in its TLM machines. Schubert has also developed cobots, packaging robots that can be operated with or without a protective space. They perform simple pick-and-place tasks in the packaging process. In the face of supply bottlenecks and crises, packaging machine manufacturers like Schubert with a very high level of vertical integration, including their own control engineering, have found it easier to operate as before without major problems. The German company has never made itself dependent on others. 
Schubert is the world market leader in the development of modular digital packaging machines. Founded in 1966 in Crailsheim in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, the company is active in all major international markets and is considered a pioneer in packaging machine engineering with its digital, robot-based solutions. The core of all development is the interaction of simple mechanics, intelligent control technology, and scalable modularity. 
Gerhard Schubert GmbH is a family-run company with company founder Gerhard Schubert and son Ralf Schubert as managing partners. Together with Peter Gabriel and Marcel Kiessling, they manage the company which has around 1,550 employees worldwide. Leading international brand manufacturers in the food, confectionery, and cosmetics industries rely on Schubert solutions, as do numerous small, medium-sized, and family-run companies.

FACHPACK360° put three questions to Ralf Schubert, Managing Partner of Gerhard Schubert GmbH.

How is Schubert equipped to deal with the current crises?

The crises and material shortages of the last three years have not led to any delayed deliveries of machinery at Gerhard Schubert GmbH. However, there have been delays because some of our customers have not needed the packaging machines on time due to the delayed delivery of other machines.

What is the reason for this? 

One major reason for our adherence to delivery schedules is that we have always strived for the greatest possible independence, relying on partners in Germany and in the region with whom we have been working for a very long time, in some cases for decades.
At our subsidiary Schubert System Elektronik in Neuhausen ob Eck, we manufacture many of our electronic assemblies ourselves and can carry out redesigns if it is necessary to switch to alternative chips.  

We increased our stock levels very early on and our supply chain had to go to great lengths to ensure that parts that were no longer available were replaced by others in good time. In summary, we did well, but also had the necessary luck. 

Did this also lead to more orders?

The exceptional adherence to delivery dates has not led to us getting more orders. But neither was that to be expected, as our customers still assume that contractually agreed delivery times will be met, despite the negative experiences.

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