New Skin Films Shape Food Presentation
9/26/2023 New Creations Machinery Change Innovative Processes Article

New Skin Films Shape Food Presentation

For packaging high-quality cheese, meat, and fish products, skin films are a popular packaging option due to their particularly high-quality appearance and their ability to save resources. The adapa Group has launched a new skin film on the market.

The adapa Group has developed a new, thin and material-saving skin foil range. The adapa Group has developed a new, thin and material-saving skin foil range.

The meat and meat products industries in particular place special demands on packaging. With SkinFresh Top Expert, adapa Group offers a new film solution that is said to set new standards in processing on packaging machines as well as in presentation at the point of sale. The SkinFresh Top Expert is part of the proven SkinFresh Top range, which has now been comprehensively revised.

Headquartered in Wiener Neudorf, Austria, adapa Group specializes in innovative, high-quality, and customized high-barrier packaging solutions for the food, tobacco, hygiene and pharmaceutical industries. With its integrated value chain from raw material sourcing and extrusion to printing and converting, the company, founded in 2012 as Schur Flexibles and renamed in 2022, says it generates annual sales of more than 700 million euros. This makes it one of the leading companies in the industry in Europe.

Skin Foils Enable Premium Look

The decisive factor for the selection of a film is the purpose that the packaging made from it is to fulfill. Should it provide protection against handling or contact, or should the packaging help to preserve the properties of the contents for as long as possible? Films for packaging meat and sausages are primarily made of plastics.

Why skin film packaging? It gives the food products on the shelf that all-important look – after all, the packaging is often the deciding factor in purchasing: the transparent, snug-fitting films enclose the product like a second skin and allow a clear view of the contents from all sides. The premium look also characterizes the presentation at the POS: meat, fish, and co. are gently fixed in the packaging by the tight-fitting, high-gloss film and protected from juicing. This means they can be offered in an eye-catching upright or hanging position.

Another advantage of skin film is the shelf life of food products: compared to other common packaging methods, this can be significantly extended by using skin films. Thus, this packaging is a contribution in the fight against food waste. However, skin films are also suitable for convenience products, for example in the packaging of ready meals. With suitable film, these can be prepared in the microwave still in the packaging.

Films Can Also Be Printed

According to the manufacturer, the new films for packaging fresh foods such as meat, poultry, fish, and cheese, as well as vegetable products and convenience dishes, now have a new formulation for even better processing on all modern packaging lines. The SkinFresh Top Expert range includes highly transparent, glossy, and even printable PE-based films with a high barrier that enclose the product tightly and without tension. Elastic yet robust, they can be used for foods of differing heights and are also suitable for packaging products containing bones.
The high-performance skin films are available in film thicknesses between 80 and 150 µm and seal reliably against PE sealing layers or APET and PP mono-material films and trays. For material-saving and thus resource-saving applications, it has thus been possible to reduce the film thickness ever further while maintaining the same high performance, the company says.