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NaKu e.U.


NaKu - Sustainable packaging made from bioplastics | compostable & recyclable

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We offer

  • Foils made of flexible plastic
  • Pouches, bags made of flexible plastic
  • Bottles made of moulded plastic
  • Cans, jars, pots made of moulded plastic
  • Packaging from renewable resources
  • Biodegradable packaging
  • Recyclable plastics
  • Packaging made of recycled plastics, recyclates
  • Reusable packaging
  • Design, planning
  • Engineering
  • Optimisation
  • Certification, qualification, validation
  • Packaging construction
  • Packaging design
  • Packaging samples
  • Packaging testing
  • Research, development
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  • Food and luxury food: Liquid products
  • Food and luxury food: Paste products
  • Food and luxury food: Powder, granules
  • Food and luxury food: Chunky, piece products
  • Beverage: Liquid products
  • Beverage: Powder, granules
  • Pharmaceuticals: Powder, granules
  • Pharmaceuticals: Chunky, piece products
  • Cosmetics: Liquid products
  • Cosmetics: Paste products
  • Chemicals: Liquid products
  • Healthcare: Liquid products
  • Healthcare: Paste products
  • Healthcare: Powder, granules
  • Healthcare: Chunky, piece products
  • Pet food: Chunky, piece products
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Contact Information

Viktor Kaplan Straße, 2
2700 Wiener Neustadt

About us

Nature and plastic - a contradiction?

It works with NaKu bioplastics!

NaKu products and packaging made from rapidly renewable raw materials fulfill their purpose while protecting our environment. Packaging material has never been so sustainable. From the selection of natural raw materials to production (organic PLA/rPLA bottles, organic sacks, organic bags, organic bags, etc.) to recycling and composting. NaKu products are based on rapidly renewable, plant-based raw materials and are ideal for your plastic-free* kitchen and your plastic-free* household!

Expertise. Pioneering spirit. And a good portion of passion.

Ute and Johann Zimmermann have been dedicated to natural plastic since 2007. In line with the family motto "whether my idea is really that good depends on who listens to me", Johann and his wife Ute Zimmermann founded the company NaKu to develop plastics that protect people and nature from the flood of plastic. NaKu is the plastic-free alternative to conventional plastics!

All products are natural, renewable and compostable.

Natural plastic is the name for a plastic that is made from renewable raw materials and is biodegradable. It therefore combines both requirements and offers advantages throughout its entire life cycle. NaKu has been working with natural plastics for more than 15 years and has acquired a great deal of know-how in this area over the years.

In principle, bioplastics can be produced from various renewable raw materials. NaKu uses a corn-based starch compound for its breathable cling film bags. For NaKu bottles, for example, a PLA (polymerized lactic acid) is obtained from sugar and used as the material.

NaKu's vision is to combine recycling and organic with its products, because natural plastic should be recycled in the first place and is also very easy to recycle. With our products, both the existing mechanical recycling and the future-oriented chemical recycling (the recovery of the molecular components) work very well.

In recent years, NaKu has won numerous awards, including TRIGOS, ÖGUT Environmental Award, Innovation Award of the Province of Lower Austria, DAPHNE Environmental Technology Award and in 2021 NaKu was named winner in the Earth category at the Energy Globe Austria and was also nominated for the 22nd Energy Globe World Award by the international jury of all 5 continents chaired by Maneka Gandhi from a total of around 3,000 entries from more than 180 countries.

*free from conventional plastic/no petroleum-based plastic

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Marketing Manager


Margit Hödel

Sales & Keyaccount


Ute Zimmermann


Johann Zimmermann

Managing Director




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