FACHPACK | Special Design Exhibition: Outside the box
Special exhibition

Special Design Exhibition: Outside the box

The path to good 

Curated by bayern design, the special exhibition illustrates the path of design and creation from conceptualization to good packaging design and provides valuable insights into the impact design has on development processes. Design has the ability to recognize the challenges of circularity, digitization, or e-commerce as opportunities and to transform them into added value.

The special exhibition offers solutions by designers as creative partners in the development process that ensure technical, ecological, and business requirements for packaging are met. Designers explore unprecedented applications for new, sustainable materials and reduce the variety and quantity of materials. They rethink users’ experiences when unpacking and disposing of packaging or they cooperate with other disciplines to launch creative transformations in packaging construction and production.

These extraordinary exhibits are exemplary of design processes that enhance the circularity of packaging, make the brands behind the products more accessible, and foster identification and awareness among customers and users.

The special design show Outside the box is located in hall 4 at stand number 4-344.