24 - 26 September 2024 // Nuremberg, Germany

Special Show: Transition In Packaging By Design

Packaging designs made from sustainable material

The special shows organized as part of FACHPACK will provide new impulses, offer inspiration, and outline perspectives. Focus will be on current industry trends and future-related topics. In line with the topic of the trade fair, at the special show in Hall 7 titled Transition in Packaging through Design, NürnbergMesse and bayern design will direct attention on opportunities in packaging design created by transformation processes in society.

These processes go hand in hand with changes to consumers’ desires and behaviors. Companies are facing new challenges, both ecological and regarding customer retention. At the FACHPACK Special Show 2022, bayern design will present designers’ responses to these transformations.

Redesigning packaging encompasses new mindsets, new actions, and clear communication. Designers see their mandate for redesign as a playing field for aesthetics and sustainability coupled with the opportunity for in-depth change. To do so, they rely on creative, technical, and communicative innovations to support companies as they become part of this transformation and integrate it in their respective brands.

As part of the special show, Address, Amaze, and Advance will showcase selected examples of designers who have used package design strategically: as a means of communication or interaction, or as a field of application for sustainable materials development. The innovations on display will be a source of inspiration for new trends and impulses in the packaging industry. As well as being featured in the exhibition, they will be made experienceable at the special show and at PACKBOX

Fotos: ©Sam Scales